Theme Structure

Our themes have a file structure that makes the individual files easy to find, and future files easy to categorize. The same goes for any ThemeSqaured Themes running on The ThemeSquared Framework. Keeping things orderly is very important.

Folder Layout

All themes start in the root directory; where most of the WordPress related template (or Hierarchy) files are located. Inside the root are the folders representing more collection of theme files, mostly added by ThemeSquaredThemes. Below is a typical example of what you could expect inside one of our themes:

  • / This is the root of ThemeSqaured Theme
  • /assets/ Assets reside here
    • /css/ Reserved for themes with more than the normal amount of stylesheets. Also used for storing IE specific and CSS3 effects stylesheets
    • images Images reside here
    • js This folder holds all the javascripts used in the theme for front-end
    • vendors This folder holds all the 3rd party plugins i.e Bootstrap, OwlCarousel, etc
  • framework The all-important core ThemeSquared Framework files are located here
  • includes The theme specific functionality files are located here
  • languages Theme localization files are located here
  • templates The content generating templates files are located here

The Framework Folder

This is the core of any given ThemeSquared Theme. It contains lots of resources for powerful, non-theme-specific features that come bundled with a ThemeSquared Theme. It generates the options backend and also powers the ThemeSquared  Builder that’s so popular with our themes, among other things.You will never have to, nor should, alter this folder.

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