Creating Mega Menu

Follow The Steps Below To Create A Mega Menu

  1. Navigate to AppearanceMenus section of your admin and select to create a new menu, or edit a current menu that you already have.
  2. Only first level items can enable the Mega Menu. Click the arrow icon next to any parent level menu item to expand the option box. You will see an option to “Enable Mega Menu”, check the box.
  3. Second level menu item will show the title text above each column. To add a second level item inside the Mega Menu, select one of your pages on the left hand side and click Add to Menu, or add a post or a custom link from the left hand side. To make it a second level, drag the menu item into place, below and to the right of the first parent level.
  4. The Third level will be the smaller menu items in each column. To add a third level, repeat step 3 above and drag and drop the new menu item into place, below and to the right of the second level.
  5. After setting up your menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page to assign the menu to the Primary location in the Theme Locations box. Once its all done, make sure you click the Save button.



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