Switching Themes

Many times customers asking us, what will happen if they switch from their old theme to their new theme. Will they lose their existing content?

It is important to understand how WordPress works in this regard to help answer this question.

When you write a post or publish a page, this content gets saved into your database. Settings for WordPress, your theme and plugins, as well as custom post type content also gets saved into the database. When you upload a theme this goes into yourwp-content/themes folder. When you upload images, they get saved into your wp-content/uploads folder. When you add plugins they are saved into your wp-content/plugins folder. Switching themes would not cause you to ‘lose’ any of this, you are simply switching from one design to the next.

If your current theme has settings or custom post types that are not used in your new theme, this content/settings will not be‘transferred‘ to your new theme. This content will not be lost, you can simply switch back to your old theme to access this again.


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